Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Closing up shop

Over the past year I have been intermittently blogging about recent musical purchases at a rate of knots that makes my submissions for 2010 look pitiful by comparison. I've even had quite a short spell of luck and recognition with bands sharing my reviews and record labels even sending me new material to listen to and review. This post may seem like bragging but really it's all about saying thanks to the artist's and record labels that have helped support this pipe dream hobby of mine.

Due to recent personal developments I will be leaving the blogosphere for an undetermined amount of time. So this is really in part a farewell blog.

In closing I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's reading this message, my four subscribers and the following record labels and bands:

Blindsight Records
Fluttery Records
Karate Body Records
BigRedSky Records
Kings Daughters & Sons
End Of Level Boss
Matt Stevens
Antlered Man

Thanks to everyone who's endured my endless prattlings and poor grammar and punctuation. I'll be back when I'm in better spirits.