Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pity Sex - White Hot Moon

White Hot Moon is the second album from Michigan based emo indie rockers Pity Sex and follow up to their much celebrated debut LP 2013’s Feast Of Love.  Whilst the band have only been in existence since 2011 in those five years they have amassed a pretty strong cult following, their unique brand of fuzzy guitar emo also winning plaudits for its mellow shoegaze feel. 
When it comes to forward development White Hot Moon doesn’t exactly contain any major surprises, if you loved Feast Of Love there is just as much of the same magic to keep you happy.  Just like before vocal duties are split between Brennan Greaves’ lethargic defeated drawls and Britty Drakes’ more clear and angelic harmonies whilst recurrent lyrical themes of relationship woes and heartache tug insistently at the heart strings. The biggest notable difference is the bands slackening of pace in terms of music, whilst they’ve never been a band solely focused on punchy tunes the album seems more mellow as a whole than its predecessor which had in places was slightly reminiscent of J Mascis in its faster moments.  Giving more time to the distortion drenched guitars to unfurl the songs in a more sedate manner allows the dual vocals come to the forefront of the record which is in no way a bad thing.  Regardless of this tempo shift the album still moves at a pace that never strays too close to boring, it’s mellow yet melodic structure making it a catchy and infectious listen you are likely to return to just as regularly as the band’s debut. Whilst some may criticise the lack of notable progression in the band’s sound what they do they do well. Highlight’s include the lead single What Might Soothe You with its hazy guitar and its cool inertia and the more stark and fragile Plum which sees Britty Drake deliver the albums most memorable moment.

Overall White Hot Moon is a solid second album from Ann Arbor’s finest. Whilst it may not be the revelatory re-invention some people were clamouring for it easily stands toe to toe with the bands earlier work in terms of catchiness and appeal. Available in a number of interesting vinyl variants through Run For Cover records or on cd or download White Hot Moon is the perfect companion for all your highs and lows this summer.