Thursday, 4 February 2016

Trials Of Early Man - Attachments

Attachments is the debut album of post-hardcore quartet Trials Of Early Man, made up of musicians who’ve all been in the DIY hardcore/punk game long enough to be deservedly described as veterans. The band itself boasts members from Caretaker, Action & Action, Circusact, The Correct Arc and The Good Wife and with such varied areas of expertise you could be forgiven for not knowing what to expect from such a hybrid.
What you actually get from this Frankenstein’s monster of a band however is some brilliantly focused and hook laden post hardcore. The sort of post hardcore that takes much of its inspiration from the more left field punk pioneers like Fugazi and Hot Snakes, without seeming derivative. The guitar work throughout the album sways from the frantic to the serene at the drop of the hat, revealing intricate layers of melody that suggest a touch of nineties emo is also hidden somewhere in the bands fabric. The vocals and rhythm section are just as fluid in their approach to the bands whimsical tempo shifts, working just as well when things slow down. It is these constant fluctuations in pace that make the whole album such an engrossing listen from start to finish. In parts the album is very reminiscent of bands like Spy Versus Spy or even Million Dead, especially when it comes to the band’s ear for a catchy harmony.  In the end what you get with Attachments is something new, exciting and vital in its energy that simultaneously feels instantly familiar. Highlights come thick and fast so it seems almost redundant to pick just one, that being said Pierced With Arrows chaos is particularly infectious.

Overall Attachments is a brilliant debut that harks back to the golden years of post-hardcore whilst bringing plenty originality to the table. Catchy in the extreme, heavy but easily accessible. A true triumph. Available to stream through all the usual avenues or purchasable as a download direct from the band I highly recommend you give it a go.


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